Active-Class elevates online learning and teaching using two integrated, yet independent systems. Active-Class Learning Management System (LMS) accelerates learning, with topic level insights into individual performance to empower educators’ approach towards personalised pedagogy. The proctoring / invigilation provided by the Active-Class Exam Monitoring Service (EMS) brings credibility to exams, using state-of-the-art AI to increase security, reliability, and scalability.



Personal information and exam meta-data (videos) are stored separately with a linking key, in a highly secure database.


Data can be stored either on secure UK-based cloud storage (i.e., Google, Microsoft or Amazon), or onsite with the institutional host.


Data is accessed by selected individuals based on a need-to-know basis.


Data is accessed by selected individuals based on a need-to-know basis.


A fraction of the data is evaluated by trained UK-based individuals to maintain efficient and credible service delivery.


Active-Class increases review speed and reduces data sharing through snippets of critical points for review.


Active-Class is fully GDPR compliant, minimising data required to operate safely and effectively. The privacy policy and terms and conditions are based on English law.

Our advantage




Active-Class relies on the power of AI; it is scalable without any boundaries.

Due to huge manual handling of data, competitors are not scalable!

Data privacy – internal

Active-Class data is stored securely and analysed on the cloud; no data is sent to users, avoiding data privacy risks.

Scrutiny of data by human operators necessitates data being widely available, risking privacy.

Data privacy – external

Active-Class shares only snippets of the most critical events, reducing data sharing and increasing data security. *

Recorded data (videos) is accessible by users, exposing all data to many threats.

Evaluation of evidence

Active-Class snippets reduce the burden on manual evaluation and massively increases reviewing speed. *

As the whole data is reported, the evaluation process can take hours per student.

Online monitoring anxiety.

Active-Class collects all the necessary ID information prior to the exam. On exam commencement, an automated system identifies users – reducing delays and anxiety experienced by the examinee.

The majority of systems rely on human identification and administration of exams. This leads to delays and increases anxiety.


Our prices are competitive at £5 per exam. Additionally, we offer two free monitored exams per student for familiarisation. We have a 50% discount until the end of 2021. LMS is offered for free when EMS is purchased.

some offering up to £20 per exam.

* if requested, the whole evidence can be provided on a case-by-case basis.

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