Despite the existence of many different Learning Management Systems (LMS), there has yet to be a platform that effectively incorporates an integrated LMS with online exam monitoring (invigilation/proctoring). That is, until now! Active-Class offers an all-in-one system designed for students, teachers and staff to supercharge learning and complete the cycle between learning and examination.



Other services may be open-source and free upfront, but complex to operate and not user-friendly. Any maintenance, upgrades and support can be time-consuming and costly.

Active-Class is offered as a fully-supported SaaS service, allowing you to choose your level of spend with the peace of mind that maintenance and upgrades are taken care of.

Other services have been found difficult to navigate or time-consuming to set up, with some educators spending almost a day coaching students on how to use them.

Active-Class has been designed with the user at the forefront. Its interface is easy to navigate, saving time on commensurate tasks on another well-known system(video comparing Moodle and Active-Class).

In the midst of the pandemic, disparate tools were pulled together to deliver an online learning experience.

Active-Class has been built from the ground up by a University lecturer with an award in teaching, to take full advantage of online learning. All whilst reducing administration.

Other learning management systems may have associated data but requires sleuthing to get to insights.

With easy-access dashboards, Active-Class highlights how concepts are learned and individual students’ progress. Teachers can act immediately on the insights gained.




Active-Class has a transparent pricing policy. It features a separate page with two subscription options:

- Teacher Standard which is our free subscription

- Teacher Premium with the cost between £5 and £20 per month plus VAT, depending on the number of students, which provides further functionality

Both subscriptions offer you 2 months fully-functional complimentary access to the LMS platform, allowing you to experience the system and its features in its entirety. For further information please refer to our pricing page.

May lack a transparent pricing policy


Benefiting from cloud services, Active-Class scales up and down on demand with minimal disruption of services. It is a cost-effective solution adapting to differing institutions’ needs.

Are not necessarily cost-effective or well scaled for different sized institutions / packages

User Experience

Active-Class is designed to offer simplicity and accessibility, with a functional, interactive, and intuitive user-interface. You have complete and convenient access to all system features. It ensures smooth running at all times, as a fully optimised cloud-based platform.

Have been reported as having clunky or non-intuitive user interfaces.


Using a customised dashboard, visuals and flags, Active-Class provides clear insights into users’ behaviour. These enable educators to personalise student learning with ease. Moreover, it supports teams with automated reporting for common administrative tasks.

Do not provide easy access to insights or comprehensive reports. In most cases, the user must manually download data for analysis on external applications.


Using the state-of-the-art in technical development, Active-Class is easily integrated with other systems such as student records or other management information systems.

May not easily integrate with other systems.

Exam Monitoring

Active-Class is the only integrated platform offering both a learning management system (LMS) and an exam monitoring system (EMS), known as Active-Exam. Combining cognitive behaviour with AI, Active-Exam assures online exam credibility with a objective and unobtrusive online process, requiring minimal human intervention. This system can be used independently or in combination with Active-Class LMS and vice versa.

Lack an integrated exam monitoring system.


Active-Class is a cloud-based SaaS with installation, customisation, and maintenance taken care of.

Often require expertise (or third parties) with regards to installation, customisation, and maintenance

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